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Our mission and vision.

The mission of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston is to prepare individuals for industry management and leadership by providing a quality hospitality education and ongoing professional development, as well as to be recognized globally as a premier learning environment through teaching, research and service excellence.

Vision Statement
Hilton College will continue its mission to serve the academic requirements of the hospitality industry. In doing so, it will boldly move forward with cutting-edge programs, enhanced experiential-learning opportunities and purposeful research, securing our position as the best university program in hospitality management. The critical audiences for this vision are:

Student Focus
Attract the Best Students
  • We will continue to attract intelligent and curious students with a passion for the industry. To do this we will recruit the top students from a national and international pool, providing great opportunities and financial support to compete for the best students. The benefit of great students far exceeds the cost. Outstanding students serve as leaders and bring out the best in other students. They are sought after upon graduation and can bring financial support from those who hire them.
Inter-Cultural Experiences
  • Hospitality is an international business that involves employees and guests from a variety of cultures and subcultures. The city of Houston is culturally diverse and our students reflect that diversity. We will protect this distinction by continuing to recruit students from diverse backgrounds. We will provide opportunities for our students to work with their counterparts from other ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds so they understand and appreciate these differences.
An understanding of cultural differences is gained from international experiences such as faculty-led programs and collaborations with international university partners. International internships provide a chance for those who cannot afford a study-abroad program to gain exposure to the global marketplace.
We will continue to seek comprehensive international partners to develop exchange programs during our regular semesters and summers and to pursue other mutually beneficial collaborative agreements. This fits well with Conrad Hilton's philosophy of "world peace through travel" and the global opportunities available in the market today.
  • We will continue to differentiate our students through experiences that create leadership and interpersonal skills. We will expand our experiential learning curriculum with enhanced student leadership and entrepreneurial programs, student-produced events on campus, internships and college-based businesses. The Hilton University of Houston will be a well-maintained hotel facility that represents the state of the art in the industry. Student learning, integrated into the hotel, will be greatly enhanced.
  • Young adults are attracted by efforts to promote sustainability. We will use the Hilton University of Houston and other opportunities to research and train students in how to reduce the carbon footprint of hospitality businesses and create sustainable tourism. Sustainability also involves preserving the past, whether related to historic buildings or the culture of indigenous people.

    We will pursue leading-edge research and transformational academic programming to set the standard in the industry for advanced technology, information and commitment in preparing our students to assume leadership roles in this important discipline.
  • Attract Great Faculty

    Great students attract great faculty and great faculty attracts great students. We will continue to recruit and retain outstanding faculty members who excel at presenting leading-edge teaching of relevant material within and outside of the classroom.
  • Research

    We will continue to encourage tenure-track faculty to engage in research that is relevant to the hospitality industry, follows accepted research methodology and is published in recognized academic journals with value that is recognized by other researchers.
  • Curriculum

    We will continue to work with the faculty to maintain a curriculum that continues to challenge our students and support the needs of the hospitality industry. This includes areas of specialization, resulting in outstanding employment opportunities for our students and graduates across the wide spectrum of the industry.
Alumni and Industry
We will continue to promote and expand alumni connectivity with the College. Alumni represent an underutilized asset that we must continue to cultivate. Alumni provide prestige, internships, permanent jobs, serve as mentors and provide financial support.

We will continue to strengthen our ties to industry through our students, faculty and alumni, as well as through:

  • College events
  • Well-developed marketing and communications programming
  • Hospitality Industry Hall of Honor
  • Executive development programs

Brand Values
The College's brand emphasizes three core values that are fundamental to our mission and which are integrated into the College's messaging standards. Conrad N. Hilton College:

  • provides a community environment that enhances the College and the professional experience
  • provides outstanding opportunity
  • is an industry leader for hospitality management and the destination for hospitality students

We will continue to have state-of-the-art teaching facilities and a "showcase" hotel that are kept current and well-maintained. In addition to being a critical academic resource, our facilities will motivate students to maintain a greater sense of pride for their alma mater.

We serve the hospitality industry. We will continue to enhance our relationships with and support from the industry by providing a relevant curriculum and encouraging important industry-related research. In turn, by providing students with opportunities to regularly interface with the industry, we create greater learning and career opportunities than they could acquire if they attended a different college.

Further, we will continue to advance the contributions of our industry-related offices: